世界衛生行動(ACTION ON WORLD HEALTH)5月13啟動 奈傑・法拉吉推動世衛改革運動


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世界衛生行動今日啟動,奈傑・法拉吉奇(Nigel Farage)加入國際運動,改革世界衛生組織

2024年5月13日 – 奈傑・法拉吉已加入世界衛生行動(AWH, ACTION ON WORLD HEALTH)的行列,這是一個致力於改革世界衛生組織(WHO)的國際運動團體,該團體今日正式啟動。






收回控制權 – 通過退出強加給政府實施控制人民權利和自由的單一做法的條約和國際衛生條例,收回所有影響公民權利和自由的公共衛生政策的控制權;

阻止失敗重演 – 讓國家政治人物問責負責新冠疫情期間世衛組織失誤的相關人員,並改革其流程,以便下一次大流行病可以得到更快速有效的預防、發現和/或治療;

將成本削減50% – 終止在奢侈旅行和數千名員工身上的大量浪費;各國隨之將其捐贈額削減一半;並停止私人公民、企業和其他非國家行為體的資助,以避免他們獲得影響力;

恢復個人自由 – 通過終止世衛組織在全球層面推動的公共衛生政策對國民的控制;

阻止大流行準備條約 – 世界各地的議會和大會必須問責其國家政府,並推動他們拒絕簽署該條約。





世界衛生行動(Action on World Health)是一個致力於改革世界衛生組織的國際運動團體。世衛組織雖然建立在高尚的原則之上,但已偏離了其核心目標 – 為所有人達到最高健康水準、預防疾病、在發展中國家提供基本保健服務,以及促進國際間在衛生事務上的合作。從對伊波拉疫情反應遲緩被指為”令人髮指的失敗”,到在中國掩蓋新冠疫情中的同謀,世衛組織一再讓全世界失望,同時還建立了一個全球衛生帝國,從各國和公民手中奪走了權力。我們相信各國應該在衛生問題上互相合作,而世衛組織則應尊重主權,不干涉人民生活。欲瞭解更多資訊,請瀏覽


Nigel Farage Joins International Campaign to Reform The WHO

13th May 2024 – Nigel Farage has joined Action on World Health (AWH), the international campaign group committed to reforming the World Health Organization (WHO) which launches today.

Founded on noble principles, the WHO has repeatedly let the world down, whilst building a billion-dollar global health empire that takes power away from countries and their citizens.

Many have paid the price for its slow response to the spread of highly infectious diseases, with millions dying around the world after China’s preferred choice of WHO Director-General, Dr Tedros, told the world in January 2020 there was no human-to-human transmission of COVID-19; while thousands more died during the 2014-16 Ebola outbreak in West Africa and the 2003 SARS outbreak in Far East Asia.

The WHO has become increasingly expensive, awarding itself a budget for 2024-25 of almost US$ 7 billion during a cost-of-living crisis, with taxpayers in the US, UK and EU paying for over half of it, while also taking 100s of millions of dollars from non-State actors such asthe Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and other corporations, which are clear conflicts of interest.

And now the Pandemic Preparedness Treaty will be signed at the World Health Assembly (WHA) in Geneva, starting on 27th May, that will be legally binding and amended at regular Conferences of the Parties (COP) when civil servants and diplomats will meet behind closed doors to discuss what additional powers and money they want. The first draft of the Treaty made clearthat the WHO wants the power to force countries into lockdown and mandate vaccines, and AWH’s fear is that the vague Language contained in the Latest draft allows bureaucrats to mission creep towards that at future COPs.

Our Mission

•    Take Back Control – of all areas of public health policies that impact citizens’ rights and freedoms by withdrawing from one-size-fits-all treaties and International Health Regulations (IHRs) that dictate or put pressure on governments to implement measures which control people or tell them howto live their Lives;

•    Stop The Failures – by national politicians holding those responsible for the WHO’s failings during COVID-19 to account, and reforming its processes so the next pandemic is either prevented, identified and/or treated more quickly and effectively;

•    Cut Costs by 50% – ending the enormous amount wasted on luxury travel and thousands of staff; with countries in turn halving their contributions; and ending the funding by private citizens, corporations, and other non-State actors to avoid them gaining influence;

•    Restore Personal Freedoms – by ending the control the WHO has over national citizens through the public health policies it pushes at a global level;

•    Stop The Pandemic Preparedness Treaty-elected representatives in Parliaments and Assemblies throughout the world must hold their national governments to account and push forthem to reject it.

Nigel Farage said: aThe WHO can be a force for good in the world, but only if it returns to its noble principles and core objectives. Its role should be to share information and provide guidance, not dictate policies. It must reform to respect national sovereignty, stop interfering in people’s lives, and abandon the frankly terrifying pandemic treaty. The WHO can no longer ignore the growing dissatisfaction from people across the world. It either reforms, or countries must leave it altogether!>

For further information, please contact:

AWH Media Office

Action on World Health is an international campaign group committed to reforming the World Health Organization (WHO). Founded on noble principles, the WHO has strayed away from its core objectives – to attain the highest level of health for all people, prevent disease, provide essential healthcare services in the developing world, and promote international collaboration in health matters. From a sluggish response to the Ebola outbreak dubbed an “egregious failure”, to its complicity in China’s cover-up of COVID-19, the WHO has repeatedly let the world down, whilst building a global health empire that takes power away from countries and their citizens. We believe countries should cooperate on health issues, and that the WHO should respect sovereignty and stop interfering in people’s lives. For more information visit



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